Tablecloth #44 Triple Red Stripe vintage

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This is a lovely and very old tablecloth. I have labeled it vintage, but I suspect it to be from the 1800's. See that center seam? That means it was woven on a small loom. Typically those small looms were used at in homes.

It has two holes as you can see in the photos. The center seam has also come apart a bit in the center. It can easily be stitched back together. I didn't repair it since some people prefer it as is. 

It does not need to fit your table exactly to use it. You can use it as I have shown it, or layer on top of a white cotton tablecloth. Beautiful color on the stripes, and I don't see any stains or thin areas or holes. Obviously it has no tags. I believe it to be a very heavy homespun linen. 



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