Homespun Linen Sheet #7

$ 75.00

This is a beautiful homespun linen sheet. Because there is a center seam, I believe this homespun sheet to have been made on a home loom. They typically have a center seam because the home looms were small. This is a rough weave linen. I didn't see any stains, but there might be some very minor ones I've missed. 

This is a fun one. It has a couple of extra seams, which means it is very old. This means they probably combined a few older sheets, removing any damaged areas to create one. The extra seams just add to the charm.  

This is from Europe and is probably antique. It's a sheet, but I use these as tablecloths. They do not have to completely cover the table. 

Dimensions: 71"x57" 


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