Grainsack #51 - Double Blue Stripe Vintage

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This is a vintage grainsack from Europe.  Expect that there may be patches, holes, and/or spots. Please see the photos for more details, and ask any questions before purchase.

Many spots can be removed by soaking for several days in equal parts original Tide powder, Oxyclean powder and Biz powder. Then launder as normal. Some times stains come out after 24 hours, and sometimes they need to soak for a week. I replace the water and detergent every day. 

It is very old, probably from the 1800's, but I cannot guarantee that. It is very soft and work well for a sewing project. These softer grainsacks are the old ones. This one has a few holes and spots. Note the patched hole at the top (near the label.)

It's very soft. It is a bag so it can be used as is for a pillowcase. Most fit a king size pillow or a body pillow. You can open the seams and then you will have one long piece of fabric. Probably made from flax/linen.

These grainsacks could be used for most sewing projects, pillows, upholstery, tote bags, table runners, placemats, and much more. I believe these to be made from linen.These are very old. Grainsacks are not returnable.

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