Grainsack #38 - Double Red Stripe Vintage

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This is a vintage grainsack from Europe. This grainsack was made from two different fabrics. One piece had a double stripe and the other was a single stripe. You can see on the back where the two fabrics were sewn together. I've never seen on like this! 

It is very old, probably from the 1800's, but I cannot guarantee that. It is very soft and work well for a sewing project. These softer grainsacks are the old ones. I did not see any holes or stains. I do want to add this caveat. I don't see any stains, but there many be some there that someone else notices. These are very old with loads of imperfections in the fabric. You might see something I missed. If I see it, then I mention it. Note that there is a seam n the back. That is unusual. It is a bag so it can be used as is for a pillowcase. Most fit a king size pillow or a body pillow. You can open the seams and then you will have one long piece of fabric that would be 94"x20".  Probably made from flax/linen.

These grainsacks could be used for most sewing projects, pillows, upholstery, tote bags, table runners, placemats, and much more. I believe these to be made from linen.These are very old. Grainsacks are not returnable.

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