French Statues, set of 2

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I find these statues so charming. I've had both for awhile, but am rotating some new things in. I think they are made from spelter, but I'm no expert. It looks quite old. The base is wood and cracked from age. This is not a reproduction, it is old. I just don't know how old. It looks to be a tribute to man's triumph with a steam powered locomotive, and navigation of the seas. The label says "La Vapeur" which loosely means 'steam' in French. The female one says "Navigation". 

The man's arm broke off, but I did repair it. Here's the thing, I cannot guarantee that his arm will stay attached during shipping. If it does, I cannot accept a return, so please keep that in mind. I can however tell you how to fix it, and it's easy to do! The paint is chipped in places. Overall it's got lots of chippy goodness. Check out the photos and feel free to send any questions. Something was in the man's hand that broke off, but I'm not sure what that was. They are a charming couple! 

Dimensions: approximately 10-7/8"T

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