Brown Betty Teapot

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This appears to be a real, vintage Brown Betty teapot. This is (based on my research) either from the 1800's or 1900's. The original brown betty teapots were made from red clay that was discovered in Stoke on Trent in Britain around 1695. The clay tended to hold heat better than others. In the 19th century they pots began to take on a more rounded shape like this one. The Rockingham Glaze was brushed on the pot and allowed to run down the sides, creating a streaky finish as it was fired." Made in England it says on the bottom. The pot has many imperfections that appear to be from the manufacturing process. I don't see any damage. There is a divet that is filled with glaze so it was present when the teapot was fired. Also there is a rough spot on top where the lid sits, also original. These teapots were for the working class, and therefore not fancy or perfect. 

Holds 32 ounces

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